Being born and raised on a chicken farm in Wainfleet, ON Canada, Lloyd Ivan Terry Van Oenen has always loved media and technology. From starting out in his parent’s basement playing an 8-bit video game on an old windows 97 monitor, Lloyd has always had a heart for telling stories through media. After hearing a simple but powerful story that changed his life when he was 16, he now has a heart to tell stories. He currently lives in Stoney Creek with his wife, Heather, and their golden retriever, Bailey.

Lloyd loves to watch movies and tv shows, technology, sudoku, djembe, knex, training Bailey, and serving his wife.

"Media is a tool. It can be used to better the world or to make it worse, depending on the user’s heart. I’ve seen how media can harm the world first-hand. I choose to it to make the world better. That is my story."

-Lloyd Van Oenen